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By Peace Nick Mann


I listen to the silence
As I look at the invisible
I feel the numbness
As I smell the scentless
In this new dimension of nonsenses,
I reach out as far as I can pull back
A flowing sensation washes over my mind
I wonder what I am feeling and sensing
So I try to grasp it but fail wonderfully
So I look at the sounds
And listen to the sights
I feel the ebb throbbing faster
Yet Iím carried away softly
So I let myself go for a limited eternity
But eventually I feel the current pass
I slam back into the previous senses
And I open my bodyís eyes
I see some trees and a river
Was it the river that took me?
No. Because I am dry.
It was the stream of consciousness
That leads to the brook of life
That flows to the river of time
Which empties into the sea of death
I donít know where the sea leads
But I do know that the sea of death
Is not the death of seeing.



Hitchin USA / Poetry ©  P.L.A.H. Enterprises