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By Peace Nick Mann


There you are. You are there. Are you there?
I walk to you and I find out we are now here.

You say

I say

Who are you?
No, you are you.
If Im you too, are you me too?
So I am you too and you are me too?
Yes, but who are they?
But they think they are us, too.
But arent them us?
If we are them, too,  then who is us?
Okay… so what is your name?
Your name is peace?
I am me, you, & a part of we, us, they, and them.
No, I am going.

I am me
  If I am you, then who is me?
But you are you, too.
Yes, I am me too.
Yes, but now we are we.
Who cares? I know you, too, so we are us.
They are wrong. They are them.
Maybe we are them, too.
Us is we & they & them rolled into one.
No, my name is peace. what is your name?
That is your name?

Nice to meet you going. I am leaving.

We say “bye


Hitchin USA / Poetry ©  P.L.A.H. Enterprises