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The Open Road
By Peace Nick Mann


Traveling the country with no plan in mind.
Trying to find out what Iím trying to find.
Seeing all the sights and living my life.
Living by my pen and not by my knife.
Going by the name and principles of Peace.
Waiting for my endless journeys to cease.
Meeting mostly cool and helpful people so far.
Who have helped me to keep my mindís eye ajar.
My only companions being me, myself, and I.
The only other constant being the unblinking sky.
The stars and the moon coaxing me to sleep.
The sun waking me from rest not too deep.
I wish that I could stay in that realm of rest.
Instead of being the object of laughter and jest.
That realm has a name and it is death
How much longer till my last breath?
But Iím patient and I will wait my turn
Until Iím chosen to go onward and learn
At least for now I have true love for life
It is truly worth all the strife.



Hitchin USA / Poetry ©  P.L.A.H. Enterprises