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He asks us to show him our tickets but now no one has one because the usher took the one we had. He tells us to leave so we do.
"Well, now what?" I say as we head to the car.
"We can go to my house. My parents arenít home." says Chris.
"Sounds like a plan."
We all pile into the car again and head over to his house. We pull up in front and Danielle parks. We get out and go inside. He puts some Guns N Roses on the stereo and pulls out a big fat joint from a cookie jar on the mantle.
"I canít believe you smoke that shit!" says Danielle to Chris.
"Hey, itís better than drinking."
"I donít want to beat people up if I smoke a joint."
Brian, Chris and I smoke the joint and Danielle goesoutside and waits.
"Do you think that means I donít have a chance now Peace?" Chris says.
"I have no idea. Itís been a few years since I saw her. I didnít even know she doesnít like it. Good luck, but before you try anything I want to be out of town. She is my little sister, you know."
"True. No problem."
We finish smoking and I go outside and get Danielle. She comes in and we just sit there and watch TV for a few hours. After a while Danielle and I go home. We just  watch more TV and she asks me when Iím gonna leave. I tell her I want to leave in the morning because so far this time we have avoided any arguments. We just keep talking about random stuff and catch up as much as possible. We end up going to bed about midnight. In the morning, we wake up at 6 so that she can take me to the highway and still get to school in time. She gives me $20 and drops me off at a rest area on Highway 85. I give her a hug goodbye and she wishes me luck.
After about 20 minutes, I get a ride from a guy named Jeff and he tries to save my soul. I tell him that I just donít have any beliefs at all but that I appreciate it. He tells me he will be praying for my safety and I thank him for it. He takes me south of the Georgia line and drops me off in Augusta, Georgia. I go to a McDonaldís and have some McCrap. That leaves me with $15 left. I sit there and keep getting free refills for a while and read some books. A red-haired girl and her boyfriend sit next to me. They are about 17, I guess.
"Where are you from?" the guy asks.
"New York City."
"Wow. How did you get down here?"
"Hitchhiked. My first ride brought me all the way to South Carolina."
"Thatís cool. Are you gonna go see your family?"
"Iím already done with that part. Iím going to the
Mardi Gras in New Orleans."
"Thatís a great time. I keep trying to talk him into going." says the girl.


Hitchin USA / Poetry ©  P.L.A.H. Enterprises