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"One last thing," says Ron, "Where are you going? I know you didnít hitchhike all the way down here just to check out Taylors."
"No. Iím on my way to a Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I just wanted to say hi to Danielle on the way."
"Awesome! Can I come?" says Brian.
"How old are you?"
"Nope. If you were 18 I might think about it but it would be harder with two people anyway."
"Shit. Well good luck, man."
The brothers walk off and Chris, Brian and I walk to Danielleís class and wait outside. The bell rings and she comes out. She looks surprised to see Chris.
"So youíre down with this, Chris?" she says.
"Hell, yeah. I was just gonna go home anyway. You donít mind if Brian comes do you?"
"No problem. Iím not sure what weíre gonna do yet though."
"Well I want to see Freejack. Itís supposed to be pretty good. Is there a theater near here that might have it?" I say.
"I think so. Letís get to the car."
We walk through the parking lot and I am surprised at how many Beetles are in the parking lot.
We get to her car and Brian and I crawl into the back seat, better suited for a real beetle than people. Chris sits in the front next to Danielle and we take off.
"Wait up. How much money do we have?" says Danielle.
Everyone counts up and we find out that we have a total of 7 dollars between the four of us.
"Shit!! How are we gonna do this?" says Brian.
"Iíll buy a ticket and you guys wait by the back door and Iíll open it for you." I say.
"What if we get kicked out?" says Danielle.
"Then we donít get to see it. If I donít try, we canít see it anyway so what do we have to lose?"
"Makes sense."
We drive to the theater and we find out that itís playing in theatre 5. I ask them if they know where the back door is for that theatre. Brian says he knows, so I go get the ticket and the three of them walk to the back.
I walk into the theatre and it is before the coming attractions. The lights go down and I walk over to the exit door. I open it and am pissed because the door goes directly outside and lets the sunlight in. The three of them rush in and we all go to the back row and sit down.
The commercials come and go and the movie starts. Chris is sitting next to Danielle and they are whispering into each otherís ears. After about 15 minutes, a theatre worker comes in with a flashlight and makes his way down to the exit door. He opens it and looks out. He comes back up the aisle and points his flashlight at Brian and I.
"Let me see your tickets." he says.
I pull out my ticket and show it to him. I then drop it into Brianís lap. He shows it to the guy and then he asks Danielle to see hers. Brian tries to drop it into her lap but the guy sees it and tells us to come with him. We get up and go out into the lobby. The manager comes over and talks to us.


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