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"No problem. Where do all the juvenile delinquents here hang out? I need a cigarette anyway."
"Just go out the door at the end of this hall, make a left and go past the gym. Thereís an area to the right of it that for some reason the teachers here have never found out about yet. Thereís usually a bunch of kids smoking cigarettes there or even that pot shit."
"Sounds good to me. Iíll be back here when this class ends. Think maybe you can cut out early? School sucked the first time around and this is only reminding me of how much it does."
"Maybe. Thereís this guy named Chris that smokes there a lot. I think heís cute. If you can talk him into coming with us then maybe we can go see a movie or something."
"Consider it done."
She goes to her class and I make my way to the smoking section. When I get there, there are seven kids hanging out there smoking.
"Hey. Someone give me a cigarette please. Are any of you guys Chris?"
One tall kid wearing a leather jacket and torn jeans walks over and gives me a cigarette.
"Iím Chris. Who the hell are you?"
"My nameís Peace. I hitchhiked down here from NYC and am visiting my sister Danielle. She dragged me to one class already and wants to drag me to more. I asked if sheíd cut out early and she said only if you would come.
She thinks youíre cute."
"Danielle Mann?"
"No shit? Hell yeah Iím down. Do you smoke bud?"
"Hell yeah. Let me just bum a cigarette first."
I finish the nasty ass Marlboro he gave me and then we smoke a joint between 4 of us. Three of the other kids bounced as soon as we lit the joint.
"So what are you dudeís names?" I ask the other three.
"Thatís Brian in the jeans jacket. This is Jeff and Ron. Theyíre brothers." says Chris.
"Did you really hitchhike down here from New York?" says Brian.
"No. I really came from New Jersey but it sucks there so I deny it. I spend all my time in NYC though."
"Thatís still far. Youíre crazy, man." says Ron.
"Someoneís got to do it. So who else wants to cut today?"
"I will." says Brian.
"We have too many absences to take off today", says Jeff as he passes me the joint.
I take 2 deep drags and pass it to Brian. Then I use Ronís marker to write Sik Fuk on the wall, this time putting "NYC Ya Laterí under the tag.
We talk more and they ask me a lot of questions about New York City. They canít believe that there are actually stores in New York that you can buy pot from. I tell them that is one of my favorite things about the city.
"Well, class is about to end. You guys ready?"
"Yeah." says Brian and Chris. We say bye to Jeff and Ron.


Hitchin USA / Poetry ©  P.L.A.H. Enterprises