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"I have to go to school in the morning and I wasthinking that you should come with me."
"What are you crazy? Wouldnít that get you introuble?"
"No, Iíve brought my old boyfriend before. No problem."
"Well thatís fine with me. Iíve got no plans anyway of course."
"I gotta go to bed. Iím tired."
"Okay. Goodnight. Sleep well, Sweet dreams and all that crap."
She goes to bed and I watch TV for a while before passing out.
In the morning I wake up because I hear her taking a shower. I still canít believe that I got this far this fast for free. She attempts to sing while in the shower and I wish I were still asleep. She gets out and I feign sleep.
"Wake up! Time to go to school."
"Fuck. I thought I finished high school already. Iím 19.
I hope you know some cuties for me."
"I do but I donít think theyíre easy enough for you."
"Gee, thanks. Alright Iím gonna take a shower."
"Hurry up."
She goes into her room and starts to get dressed. I take my shower and do not sing just in case Iím as bad as she is. I dry up and go out into the living room. There is a new set of clothes on the bed.
"Where the heck did these come from?" I say.
"An ex. He was about the same size as you. I looked through your backpack and all your clothes are too trashy for me to introduce you to people. Just put these on and weíre outta here."
I know better than to argue with her so I just get dressed and we get in her VW and start driving to her school.
"My first class is History. The teacher is half blind and never calls roll anyway so you can come in with me."
"Are you sure? I donít wanna get you in trouble."
"Donít worry about it. If Iím not worried, why are you?"
"True. But if you do get in any trouble I donít want to hear any shit about it."
"Thatís fair."
We pull into the parking lot of her school and walk towards the front entrance. She introduces me to a few of her friends and keeps boasting about the fact that I hitchhiked down here. Naturally, everyone tells me Iím crazy. We walk into the school, which seems to have been built recently. I follow her to her classroom and she rushes me in to sit at a desk next to her. In about five minutes, the teacher walks in and goes straight to the blackboard and starts writing the dayís assignment. He completely doesnít notice that Iíve never been here before and I even answer some questions.
The bell rings when the class ends and we walk out into the hallway.
"Okay my next class is Science and this teacher is a complete bitch and would notice you. You have to find something to do for an hour. Sorry." says my sister.


Hitchin USA / Poetry ©  P.L.A.H. Enterprises