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December 31, 1991

  I get off work at the library in Union City, New Jersey and get my check. I walk with another page, Glenda, over to Mickey Dís and we talk about how much working sucks. She says that when you have no schedule, stress disappears. I tell her that people invented time anyway so we should all just relax about it. I give her a hug and leave to go to a check cashing place.

  I cash my check and start walking uptown so I can get some herb. I get tired of seeing all the idiots walking down the street, so I walk from Kennedy down towards the railroad tracks. I see Jay, Chris and Alex crossing the street so I rush to catch up to them.

"Hey guys, whatís up?" I ask.
"Nothiní much", says Jay, "Weíre gonna walk to New York. Wanna come?"
"Youíll see."
"Does anyone have any weed?" I ask.
"Yeah, we just picked up."
"Cool. Yeah Iíll come."

  We start walking down the railroad tracks until we reach the Amtrak tunnel. We wait for a train to pass and then we run to the mouth of the tunnel. Chris, Alex and I walk along the tracks since there is a 4-foot long indentation approximately every twenty feet along the walls that line the tracks. We can wait in them whenever a train comes. Jay is scared to walk down here so he walks on top of the wall lining the tracks. He just runs to an emergency exit between the east and west tunnels every time a train comes and waits there.
 We smoke a blunt and keep ducking from the trains every ten minutes or so and then we reach the Weehawken exit. We go aboveground again and smoke another blunt. Chris has a white spray paint can, so we all tag on the walls nearby. My graffiti tagís Sik Fuk.  

 Then we go back down the stairs and towards New York. After about another half hour we finally see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.
 The emergency exits between the tunnels had ended shortly after we passed Weehawken but still Jay was scared to come down and walk along the tracks. When we saw a train come into the mouth of the tunnel we yelled at Jay to come down with us but he refused. He laid down on the walkway above the tracks and we saw the train come into the mouth of the tunnel and stop in its tracks. It sat there for about five minutes when a voice called out on an intercom, "Hey kid, címere!!"
 Chris, Alex and I got out of our holes and start running down the tracks to catch up with Jay, who started running as soon as the intercom called out. We climbed up a ladder to the wall that Jay had lain down on. We were within 50 feet of the Weehawken exit when the train breezed in slowly next to us and stopped. We kept running, but then a hand snatched Jay between two cars and pulled him in. The three of us stopped running and walked up to the train.


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