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I shove the rest in and wash it down with some soda so that I donít taste it that bad.
Susan and Staci had been completely ignoring everyone else in the room and are now on the floor massaging and caressing each other all over. Staci grabs Jimís legs and motions for him to join them, so he gets down on the floor with them. They become a pile of limbs grabbing and poking each other. Darlene and Penny are kissing passionately now on the couch and Selma and Jake are kissing on the chair. I walk over to my backpack and get a condom out. I walk over to Jake and put one in his hand.
He gives me a thumbs up and a smile and kisses Selma more passionately.
Since everyone else is paired off I go into the living room and put on the Super Nintendo and play some Tetris. After about a half hour I notice that the little blocks are starting to change color when they donít usually, so I stop playing and walk through the dining room into the kitchen. Itís hard to walk and my legs feel like rubber but itís funny having rubber legs so I laugh. I have no idea where the other six are so I just grab a joint off the table and light up. As soon as I take a hit, I really start feeling the shrooms and I start laughing out loud because I feel really great and nothing in the world seems important to me right now.
I just sit in the kitchen staring at nothing much for a while and then Selma comes in and rubs my shoulders.
"Whereís Jake?"
"Sleeping. Why do you guys always fall asleep right after?"
"After what?"
"Oh yeah , youíre a virj. After sex." She says.
"Oh I donít know yet."
"Iíve always wanted to be a virginís first. Wanna try it?"
"Not this way. No offense but ya just got done with Jake, Iím watching stuff happen thatís not really happening and I want to be straight when I first try it, not tripping or high." She stops rubbing my shoulders.
"Are you sure?" she asks. I turn around and her perfect breasts are in my face "Not at all." I say.
We crack up and eat a lot of munchies. Darlene and Penny come in and grab some soda and chips. Darlene leaves to go get 2 bongs from her room and the rest of us go to the living room, put on Pink Floydís Dark Side of the Moon and play the Wizard of Oz. We veg on the way the two work together till Darlene comes in and brings two beautiful bongs, one made of glass and a ceramic dragon with the bowl between the ears and you smoked from the tail.
We just have random conversations and watch the movie. Jim rushes into the room wild-eyed and tells us there is a bear in the bathroom. We remind him he is tripping and he just says ĎOh yeahí, sits down and takes a bong hit. The rest of the night we just do numerous bong hits and watch different trippy movies until we eventually all pass out.
In the morning I wake up and am amazed that I donít feel any after effects of the shrooms. I reach over Penny and grab a bong and take a hit to start the day off right. Jake wakes up and takes a hit as well. He tells me he has to go to Gulfport, Mississippi later in the day and tells me he would take me for the ride if I wanted to. Of course I agree. Soon everyone wakes up when they smell the herb burning and itís almost as if we had never stopped partying. At about 3 oíclock Jake asks me if Iím ready to go. I tell him I am and I thank Jim for taking me here and I thank the girls for letting me stay at the party.
We get into his beat up Escort and hit I-10. We smoke joints and listen to the radio. He insists on listening to country music even though I tell him I hate it since itís so depressing. But it is his car so I canít complain. We just fly through the rest of Florida and get to Gulfport, Mississippi and he gives me a nice sack of weed to go. He drives off and I go to the highway and fly my thumb.
Only about 20 minutes later, a couple pick me up. They are about 40 and try to convince me that I should find Jesus and live for him. They are going to New Orleans because they think that it is the modern day Gomorrah and they want to save people from their physical desires.
I just listen politely, knowing I'm almost at my goal.
They tell me we're here and pull off the highway and drop me off at Canal Street. There's an old black man sitting on a porch playing a harmonica. I wave at him and ask, "Sir, am I in New Orleans?" He stops playing and says, "I don't know where New Or Leans is. Son, you're in N'awlins!" I laugh, happy I finally made it to New Orleans, Louisiana on February 7 th , 1992. I party for a month or so and then decide to hitchhike to California and then bounce back and forth across America for the next four years. This is when the free ride ends, so if you like it and would like to see what the hell happens next, you have to send me something to be updated as I write more. I donít care if itís $5 or more or if you smoke a blunt with me, send me a CD or what.

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