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Staci has only her panties on now and she notices me looking at her breasts. She looks at me and asks, "See something you like?"
"2, but soon to be 10. How old are you?"
"17. Does that bother you?"
"Hell no. Iím only 19. I only asked because you either paid money or are extremely lucky."
"Actually, I used to be a fat-ass and I worked out a lot and lost a lot of weight. My tits stayed big."
"Well they are beautiful. You may all tease me now if you want, but I am actually still a virgin. I hope that that is how I will decide to stop hitchhiking. I hope to meet a girl and stop this craziness and just settle down. I donít really care where I stop."
"Why are you still a virgin?"
"Everyone I know that used to have great relationships gets all fucked up after sex. I know a lot of people who have gotten diseases and I know a lot more who now have to be a parent for 18 years, which is definitely not what they were aiming for. It just seems like a lot of trouble to me. I want to give it to someone I care about."
"Whoa, deep. Pass me a joint will ya?" says Jim.
We play for a while longer and finally everyone is naked except for Selma and Darlene, who only have their panties on. Staci and Susan start kissing each other and playing with each otherís tits, which naturally gets a reaction from the three guys. Penny looks at the three of us and laughs.
"Guys are so easy." Penny says.
"We canít help it. For all we know you may be feeling just as turned on but it just isnít as obvious." says Jim.
"Well I am. Iíve always thought about trying it with another girl but never had the guts. So yes, I am turned on too." Staci laughs as she slides her hand down to Susanís crotch. Darlene deals the cards and grabs Penny and gives her a kiss on the lips. She pulls back and tells her that she had always been attracted to her but she was ashamed to admit it also.
"Well, címon and finish the game already. You have all night to play with each other. Actually the next two days.
Letís just finish this." says Selma as she puts one card face down and grabs the top card of the deck. Darlene puts three cards down and draws three. Selma has the 4, 5, 6, 7 of diamonds and the 9 of spades. She looks pissed at Darleneís pair of 3s. She takes off her panties and goes over to Jakeís lap and sits down on him. Darlene laughs as she pulls the biggest pile of shrooms over in front of her and puts the other piles in front of the other four chairs of the shroomers.
"Okay, if everyone can just get their damn hormones in check, letís do this right! Staci, Susan, feel free to ignore us."
"Are you supposed to do anything else to the shrooms or just eat them?", I ask.
"What youíve never done them?", says Jim.
"Cool. What about acid?"
"Nope, Iíve never done that either, but two of my friends up in New York tell me I should do it at the Mardi Gras so I will not try that yet. I never did shrooms because they are really hard to find up in New York. Not many cows around, you know?"
"It is a great way to spend 5am, picking mushrooms. If I have to be up at that time there is not much else I would rather be doing. No, though, you donít have to do anything to shrooms other than just eat them, but a lot of people only do it as a tea or drink. It seems stronger to me when I just eat them."
Darlene splits the extra portion of her shrooms and gives them to Penny. They then both eat their shrooms quickly. I look at Jake and see that he holds his nose as he eats them, so that as well as the girlsí speed they ate theirs with tells me that these probably donít taste too good, which isnít a surprise considering the fact they do grow out of cow shit.
Selma asks, "Do you want to really feel it or just get a sample of the way they feel for the first time, Peace?"
"Well, I feel safe here so I wouldnít mind getting ripped. I donít think Iíll freak because I was told that this is a very introspective drug and the only reason my name is Peace is because I am at peace with myself, so I guess I should be fine."
"Well, good because I am planning to sleep in a few hours so here, take half of mine." She says and pushes some of her pile into mine, which is starting to look like a hell of a lot to me. I laugh, grab the biggest one and put it in my mouth. I chew and then grimace because it is indeed nasty.


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