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"Who the hell are you?" he asks me.
"My nameís Peace. Iím from New York."
"Yeah, my ass." He says and pulls out a gun from under the table and points it at me.
"Oh shit, Jake, chill! I picked him up about 2 hours ago.
Heís cool, man." says Jim.
"How do you know itís not a setup?" says Jake. Darlene sits next to him on the couch and says "Yeah, youíre right Jake. For all we know the cops couldíve known that Jim was coming, put a hitchhiker on the highway, hoped Jim would pick him up and then hope Jim finds me and then that they come over here. Címon be serious.
Peace, will you take a toke to prove to this over-paranoid man that you are not a pig?"
"As long as he doesnít shoot me if itís good enough to make me cough."
That finally breaks the mood as she passes me a joint and Jake puts the gun back under the table. I take a good-sized toke and actually do cough and that makes everyone laugh. Jake gets up to go to the bathroom and Jim sits in his spot and takes over the joint production.
Penny goes to the radio and puts on some Salt-n-Pepa and I pass her the joint. Darlene goes to the kitchen and Jake tells everyone that we should just fire up our own jays since there were so many and there is no point in us waiting for turns. Naturally we all agree.
We smoke and talk for hours and play a lot of different card games. At about 11 PM , Penny says that  we should play strip poker. Jake says that itís not fair that there are 3 guys but only 2 girls so he calls a few numbers and finds some people who will come over.
We just play regular poker for about another half hour and there is a knock on the door. Jake goes and answers it and lets in 3 girls. The new girls are all beautiful also.
One of them is Spanish and the other two are white girls. Their names are Selma, Susan and Staci. Penny says that it is not fair that now there are more girls than guys for the game. Darlene tells her not to worry because girls are better than guys in everything so the guys should end up naked in no time.
We set up the kitchen table in the living room and bring both the couches closer together. We start another round of joints for everyone and wait until Penny comes back from the kitchen with munchies and she brings out the mushrooms as an added bonus.
She splits the shrooms into eight piles but Jim. Staci, and Susan tell her that they are not going to do any since they have to go to Susanís momís house later. Penny splits the shrooms into five piles, with one twice as large as any of the others.
"The last one with any clothes on gets the extra shrooms." she says.
"But what if itís one of the three that are not gonna do them?" Jake asks.
"Well this part of the game only includes the five of us, of course."
"Okay, just wanted to be sure." he says.
Selma gets the first deal and picks five card draw with sevens wild as the first game. She deals and it ends up with Staci winning the hand with two pairs, aces over 10s.
"So does this mean that all of you take something off? This wonít last long."
Darlene says "Okay, so why doesnít the winner pick someone? We just canít pick the same person twice in a row."
Everyone agrees to this and Staci picks me. I take off a shoe and get the deal. I pick 5 card draw with no wildcards and end up winning so naturally I pick Staci. She takes off her shirt.
"What are you doing? Why arenít you taking off a shoe?" asks Penny.
"No one said that there is any order to the way we take off our clothes. Plus you guys keep this place heated like hell. Iím hot."
We keep playing round after round and smoking joint after joint. Jake ends up being the first one without any clothes on and he tells us he is bored of it so and plans to go watch some TV. Penny tells him that he canít put his clothes on even though heís not playing and tells him that if she had seen him naked before this month she would have been talking to him sooner.
This brings a big smile to Jakesí and he decides to wait after all. This is probably due to the fact that Penny only has her bra and panties on by now and looks great. I am down to my pants and think itís not fair that I donít wear underwear because only one more hand would take me out of the running for the extra shrooms. But then I realize  that it probably doesnít matter since I had never done shrooms before so any amount would probably wreck me.


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